How to manage time properly when writing college essays

Students often get involved in small engagements without realizing the amount of time that is going to waste especially when there is a college essay to write. This is most common in the small instances of free time that were unscheduled, and are most often filled by surfing the internet and catching up on social websites. This is not an important part of your day and if you look into it, you will most likely identify several instances when you indulge in such activities without considering the amount of time being wasted.

Such time wasters stand in the way of finishing a college essay. If you keep a keen lookout for these time wasters you can replace them with more useful activities that would add value to your day. When planning your timetable, remember that deviations like oversleeping, even for a little while, can accumulate and result in the wastage of hours or minutes that could have been put to valuable use.

So when you have a due date and you need to manage your time properly have an alarm on your phone to ensure that you do not spend too much time talking to your friends or family. Keeping tabs on the amount of time that you spend on phone calls and chats keeps you focused on the stories and information that you need to share without wasting hours on irrelevant chitchat. Some people prefer to allocate specific days and times for phone calls and chats; they inform their friends and family of this schedule and set phone dates in keeping with their replanted timing. Limit meal dates to half an hour or an hour to ensure that you are aware of the passage of time and to avoid the unprecedented realization that you cannot account for 2 hours of your day.

When you need to go on impromptu errands, outline the things that you need and where they are so that you can identify the best course to take to save time and resources. With a comprehensive list of the items needed and where each item is, you can go to the store with a definite purpose and avoid milling about looking at new movies, magazines or anything else.

The most common time wasters among students are phone calls, browsing the internet and engaging on social websites, and watching TV. Identify which of these applies to you and then work towards remedying the problem to use your time more effectively.

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