Term Paper Introduction Is Extremely Important

The introduction of a term paper is the first paragraph written of the complete work. It also consists of the first statements presented in an oral presentation, or of any written project that presents information for readers to interpret.

The introduction

Introductions in term papers have two parts: the general introduction and the thesis statement. The general introduction is the opening sentence of the research paper, in addition to the proceeding lines that support the aforementioned statement. The thesis statement summarizes the main message, claim or point of the term paper, which is later developed and further explained within the body of the paper, using researched evidence and anecdotes.

The introduction is considered difficult for many student writers to complete. It's, however, the most important component of a term paper, as it exemplifies what the entire paper is about. Introductions should express what the paper is trying to convey, well before the reader gets to the body of the entire work.

Why the introduction is important

Introductions are necessary for explaining the message behind a term paper long before a reader gets to the body of the work. It presents a thread of the paper's general idea, allowing the reader to have knowledge of what to expect in the paper before continuing to read.

The introduction of a term paper should be written last, after completing other sections of the term paper. An introduction should accurately reflect what's presented throughout the entire term paper as a whole; writing it first won't accurately represent the paper after the other sections are complete.

While some student writers do complete their introduction first, writing it last ensures that the introduction will accurately present the ideas and answers within the paper itself.

Writing the introduction

To write an introduction, student writers are encouraged to do the following, as recommended by academic resources:

The entire introduction should take up as much as a half page, which is about 250 to 400 words. Most introductions do take up as much as a half page, unless the scope of the term paper itself requires a longer (usually one page) introduction.

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