Composing A Great Introduction For A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is just as important tart as to carry a research out. A strong introduction of the same is the basic key to impress the reader. This post would give you a complete idea on how to leave a mark on the first impression itself!

The introduction part is that portion, where you tend to explain rationale behind the work to your reader. It is here, where you are supposed to justify the essence of your research in the field.

You are never asked to check your words in an introduction but try to keep it as concise as possible yet covering all the major parts.


Supposedly, first paragraph of your introduction, you are supposed to give an idea and also the historic narrative of your research. Speak about it right from the first day here!


Describe the importance of your paper here revealing the rationale behind the same. Here, you should talk about if your research is derived from some previous work or it points out something which was overlooked by others. It must speak if you are going to present unclear results of some other work.


Make sure you acquaint your reader to the limitations and highlight your weaknesses, if any, right from the first start of the experiment. Since the ideal is hypothetical, it is your responsibility to provide the limitations and the shortcomings to your reader, here!


Make it a point to mention all your assumptions in your introduction. Any research is confirmed to be built around a few basic assumptions, mention them here to present your basic principles.

Other Tips

Apart from the points mentioned above, here a few tips that will help you in writing a strong introduction and encourage your readers by keeping them connected and well informed!

Keep it short

A rambling, long introduction will put your readers off and they would lose motivation to read further. Mark it to stick to the outline and to speak more in lesser words. Structure your introduction short, in a manner to engage the reader.

Discuss the problem

Your introduction must end in a way to start! Start a question or maybe a hypothesis. Your aim is to implant your objective of writing the paper in the head of your reader. What you are aiming to achieve is what it should be delivered upon!

Organize it well

Express your organization skills right in the beginning to lay special emphasis. Write to keep your readers busy, curious and stimulate them to read more.

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