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Most of the times, at the end of the academic period of learning, students are required to write term papers. At this time of the semester, they are normally under immense pressure to perform and provide quality work. Many of them resort to the use of samples of previously done work to use. The advantage of using previously done work as a reference point in a term paper is that they work with what the instructors want. They are especially useful when the instructor is the same one. Finding a trustworthy source is, however the tricky part. The following are some ideas of places one can get good samples


The internet is an enormous resource, with almost everything available in it at the touch of a button. There are many internet sites that provide essay samples a student can use. The sites work differently, and one can choose the site that they find most preferable. In many of them, the person seeking the sample might have to give out a sample of their own. These are exchange sites where to be a member; one has to give samples, of their own original work. In yet other sites, the process involves paying for an already done paper instead of giving samples.

The individual seeking to buy may also give prior instruction and have it done for them according to the instructions given. The trick with online sources is to find a credible source. There are many sources of such material that are in it for the money and do not offer the best quality.


Friends and peers can also be a good resource. Finding that one friend who is a good writer in class to help out with essay samples is one of the best ways to go. With friends, one is free to ask whatever embarrassing questions they have without any fear or ridicule. They also have an idea of what the instructors want so they know exactly what advice to give. One can also consider taking samples from older students who have passed through the system.


They are the ones that give the questions and evaluate what the students have done so they are perhaps the best option when it comes to seeking samples and advice on where to get the best samples. They have dedicated their lives to teaching and instructing their students on the best ways forward. In many instances, having taught the student throughout the semester, they have an idea of what their strengths and weaknesses are. They also bring to the table years of experience dealing with students and helping them solve their writing problems.

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