Term Paper Ideas: Planning And Structuring

After many trials and tribulations, you have finally selected the major that will take you through the rest of your college career. You have sat through classes in many different disciplines, only to find out you have no interest in that particular area.

Once you find your passion, you schedule all of your classes in that major, hoping to absorb as much knowledge as possible on the subject. You have a thirst for information on each and every topic, which can only be quenched by sitting in the classroom. As you proceed through your college career, your courses become more and more challenging, which is something you accept and confront head on.

One of the requirements for your courses is to submit a quality term paper on a topic related to the subject matter of the course. It needs to be a well reasoned, well argued, paper based on factual assertions and assumptions. As you approach the assignment, you realize you have so much varied material about your major inside your mind, that it might be difficult to get it down on paper in a coherent fashion. You need a plan and structure for your writing process.

Getting started

In some courses, you are given the topic for your term paper. In others, you need to come up with a viable topic which will be approved by your professor. This could be difficult. You need to make a list of all the subjects within your major which have created the most interest, and relate the topics to the current course in which the term paper is needed.

An outline

Once you have settled on a topic, you must do a detailed outline for your term paper. This will include a breakdown of the sections, such as introduction, body and conclusion. Within the outline, you can flesh out the arguments in concise succinct statements. You need to have flexibility, as you learn more about the topic your direction and path may change.

Gather your resources

Your research is very important for the completion of your term paper. You need to make a list of possible locations of material, such as books, journals, periodicals, and other scholarly texts. You must follow this checklist gathering as many usable sources of information on your topic. Once you feel comfortable that you have researched and review enough material, finalize your outline. This will keep you focused on the direction of your paper, and eliminate wandering and wasteful words.

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