How to Structure A Scientific Term Paper

All scientific term papers generally use the exact same formatting structure. Usually, they are split into different sections and each of these sections will then contain specific types of data. They typically will have several headings that split the paper up into different sections. These headings may vary depending on the criteria of the scientific term paper assignment. Most of the time however, they will contain these elements; title, abstract, intro, description of methods uses, results found, body paragraphs/discussion, sources cited & acknowledgements.

The reason why all scientific term papers MUST include these criteria is so that the reader knows exactly what they are reading and how it will be outlined. A table of content to help organize the paper better for research may also accompany longer scientific term papers. In order to further explain how to structure a paper of this nature we have included a list describing how each of these elements should be composed within the composition.

The Title

The title should be both interesting and relevant in order to procure interest from the reader AND briefly describe what the paper is about.

The Abstract

The abstract should be located below the title or on a separate page. It should be a brief paragraph that summarizes the content of the document and why it was written.

The Introduction

The Introduction is where all of the primary information should be found. It should include information about the author why they have written the scientific paper, and what they intend to find out. It may also include a hypothesis, which is an educated guess about the outcome.

Methods Used Description

This is where the author briefly describes the research methods that they have used to determine the outcome of the paper. This may also include a description of any experiments that were conducted as well as where the research evidence was gathered.


In the results section of the scientific term paper is where the author will describe their findings.

Discussion/ Body Paragraphs

Just like any other research paper, the discussion and body paragraphs are where the main evidence points are supported and discussed. Because most scientific term papers are researched based this is where the author will lay out their argument, reflect on the original thesis and state their case using by using the results that they have gathered from their research.

Sources Cited/ Acknowledgements

Finally, once the paper has been wrapped up the author should also include a list of sources cited and as well as a list of acknowledgements. The sources cited should be all of the literature used for research and who wrote it. The acknowledgements are for anyone who has contributed to the paper, aided in the research, or offered any other form of support.

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