Ten Bad Topics To Use For Persuasive Research Papers

A persuasive research paper allows you to talk about something you are passionate about and attempt to make others feel the same. However, not every persuasive research paper topic is a good topic. Here are ten research paper topics you should avoid.

  1. Sexism doesn't exist -

    Many people claim that sexism is not a problem in the world. However, the statement is so broad that is impossible for one to prove that sexism does not exist a all.

  2. The internet is damaging -

    While the argument can be made that the internet is responsible for a lot of bad (hackings, cyber bullying, that Fred guy on YouTube), there is no denying that it has done just as much, if not more, good for the world.

  3. Alcohol should be outlawed -

    This is a favorite of many radical Christian groups, but is not a favorite of most other people. Unless you're teacher is Billy Graham, you should be conscious of the fact that they likely drink alcohol.

  4. Homosexuality is a sin -

    Like the above point, the radical Christians are fond of this one. This will be a hard one to argue as you cannot prove the existence of God and therefore cannot label anything a surefire sin.

  5. Guns should be allowed in schools -

    There was a time when principals, teachers and even students of schools carried guns. Some people still believe that guns should be allowed in schools but they probably won't be reading your essay because you need a college degree to teach.

  6. Violent sports should be banned -

    Unless you are one of those crazy overprotective mother's, you have no reason to argue this. Everybody loves sport, especially a good violent one.

  7. Television nudity should be censored -

    Are we not born nude? This argument is too easy to counter so you should stay away from it.

  8. Illegal immigrants should be deported -

    America is a nation built by immigrants. It is unjust and unreasonable to suggest illegal immigrants be deported.

  9. Students should be made recite the Pledge of Allegiance -

    Like point eight, this is an issue, which concerns the birth of America. A nation so concerned with freedom cannot force its citizens to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

  10. The death penalty is just -

    The death penalty is difficult to defend and you're not going to change a person's opinion about it with one essay.

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