8 Quick Tips On The MLA Research Paper Structure

Most of the time when you will write a paper you will be required to use MLA structure. It is the most common style, and it is usually widely known by all students. However, it might take some time to build a real good paper. It needs to follow specific requirements, not to mention that you need to find a topic that will be engaging and will leave a good impression to your professor. Follow these tips to complete your task:

  1. You will need to type your piece on computer and format it according to the guidelines. Make sure that you chose a font that is appropriate for a research paper; it is recommended to go for the standard font, Times New Roman or something similar. Do not chose fonts that are colored or not suitable for a serious essay.
  2. Give a niche aspect to your paper. The margins need to be one inch and always leave a space after each punctuation sign. Instead of pushing the space bar, use the Tab key when you need to start a new paragraph.
  3. In the right corner of each page, you need to introduce the number of every page. If you have a title page, do not put a number on this one.
  4. Write a simple title. Do not use a different font, underline or quotation marks. It needs to be a standard font and avoid any unnecessary details around or under the title.
  5. In the left corner of the paper, you have to write the date, your name and the name of your supervisor if you have one and the name of the course you are taking. All these need to be written in a list and without any punctuation signs. v
  6. When you quote somebody in the content, mention the source as well as the author of the quote. At the end of the paper, you will need to create a separate page where you will write all the sources that you used.
  7. Use valid arguments and evidence. Since it is a research paper, you will need to use exact data and information, as well as various sources. You need to read many different pieces before you can create a complete paper.
  8. Use appropriate language. There is no place for colloquial expressions or words that are not used in a scientific paper.

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