Academic writing tips: how to create an MBA essay

Sell yourself, and not the school

When writing an MBA essay, it is important to sell yourself. Do not be afraid to write down any good points about yourself, and do not worry if you feel that you are being arrogant. The whole aim of an MBA essay is to ensure that the reader recognises the positives that you can bring. Equally, do not apologise for your strengths, but do not focus on your weaknesses. It is important that you sell yourself as effectively as possible, which means focusing on what advantages you can offer.<.p>

As important as it is to sell yourself, you are not trying to sell the school. Therefore, there is no need to say how good the school is that you are applying for - they will be well aware of how good they are, and this is therefore completely irrelevant.

Avoid negative comments

It is important not to sell yourself in a bad light; however, it is important not to bad mouth other people or organisations too. This means that you should not criticise other educational establishments, including any that you have attended yourself. Negativity does not look good; instead, you want be selling yourself in as positive a light as possible, and ignoring any negative aspects which could lead attention away from the benefits that you can provide.

Ensure that you address the school you are applying to

Whilst you should not sing the praises of the school that you are applying to, that does not mean that you should not address the school at all. Instead, if you can visit the school, or at least carry out some relevant research, you can highlight areas which appeal to you, as well as outlining why you would be of the benefit to these areas.

Ultimately, you want to tailor the essay, rather than simply look like you’ve written a one size fits all essay, which will just appear lazy.

Ensure the essay is of the best quality

Finally, having written the essay, you want to ensure that it is of the highest quality, after all, you are trying to sell yourself, so any mistakes will only draw attention to you in a negative way.

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