Making a Mind Map for Successful Essay Writing

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that the key to writing a successful essay or academic paper is selecting a great thesis topic. However, when you actually sit down to write coming up with a good topic idea can be difficult. Most of us have to sort through a few different ideas before we land on a really good one. The best way to do this is by making something called a “mind map”.

What is a Mind Map? Successful Essay Writing

A mind map is a brainstorming tool that students can use to come up with an intriguing essay idea. Basically a mind map is a way to trace your “train of thought” and pinpoint a very specific idea or concept. Think of it this way different words relate to different ideas, and they creating a hypothetical flow chart of ideas. When you do it correctly a mind map can lead you to a brilliant idea without even trying too hard.

How To Use A Mind Map

Start with a very general topic idea, for example: Global Warming. From Global Warming think of several others related words: environment, climate, and natural disaster. From those ideas map out a few more, or branch out from one idea that you like best, for instance climate: farming, food supply, and world hunger. Continue to do this for each idea and you will continue to create a “map” of related words and topic ideas that will become gradually more specific. Once you have narrowed it down you will likely have a great idea for a fantastic thesis for example, How Global Warming Could Lead To A Food Shortage in The First World.

Thanks to your brainstorming you will also have many “mini” ideas that you can use to fill out your paper and make it well rounded. All you will have to do is research the different concepts that you have come up with and pinpoint some great evidence points.

Some other benefits of working from a mind map is that it will help you keep your essay on topic. It may intrigue you to consider some unique angles for your paper. And it works fantastic as writing prompt to help get you started.

If you want to write a better essay but you don’t know how we highly recommend that you try using a mind-map to get started. It should help you compose a more successful essay that gets you the high grade you desire.

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