A Manual for Selecting Strong Research Paper Topics

Choosing a good topic for your research paper is no easy task. There are quite a few factors that you need to consider when making this decision. Be sure to think about this very carefully, as in many cases, it’s the topic that determines the quality of the essay. At the very least, an original choice will draw the reader’s attention to your paper.

The factors you need to take into consideration are:


A good topic is one that is important in today’s world. It might be easier to write an original paper on some obscure matter that no one is really interested about. However, if this topic is not relevant, the value of your paper will be low by default.

To keep track of the most pressing matters that can interest your audience, you need to follow the news and stay informed of any changes in your field of study.


Your readers aren’t interested in seeing the same arguments over and over again, so you must create an original work that will truly stand out. It may not be possible to develop a truly unique topic on the subject of your study, but you may be able to give it an original twist. For example, you can analyze the issue from a different perspective or come up with an interesting comparison.

Personal involvement.

You will be able to write a much better paper if you choose a topic that you are truly passionate about. This way, your emotions will definitely show through your words and make the essay more vivid and captivating for the readers.

Do not forget that taking a definite stance on some issue and standing your ground are the basic principles of creating a good academic paper. When you write about something that touches you personally, it will be easier to stick to your main argument throughout the paper.

The right scope.

One of the biggest difficulties of developing a truly perfect research paper topic is the fact that the majority of students cannot assess the scope of the topic correctly. This ability can only be trained through experience, so you need to be very careful with your first essays.

A topic may be too narrow, which means that you will use up all of the important data before meeting your word count requirements. In this case, you may be forced to add some filler content, and this will ruin the paper. The opposite problem is when your topic is too wide. This will make it impossible for you to fit all the important info in the paper and make it seem superficial.

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