A List Of Interesting Topics For Your Spanish Literature Term Paper

You cannot begin a term paper without a topic. However, developing the topic is a very important part of ensuring that you score highly. Literature is sometimes difficult because it has numerous areas of study and requires mastery to ensure good marks. When selecting a topic, consider the following few points to make your writing process easy.

Ensure that your topic is as captivating as possible. This ignites curiosity in the reader and is likely to fetch you more marks. The topic should also make you curious to research in a particular area. You may be required to use translated texts if you do not understand the Spanish language. Some of the most interesting topics for a Spanish literature term paper include:

  1. The influence of Spanish musical culture on South American Soccer
  2. The dominance of romance in Spanish literature
  3. The interaction with Jews, Arabic and Latin
  4. Influence of Spanish traditions in Latin American social life
  5. Spanish characters in American literature
  6. The different categories of Spanish literature: Catalan, Galician and Basque
  7. American writers of Spanish decent
  8. Translating Spanish literature
  9. Contextualizing Spanish plays in the American society
  10. Spanish traditions and the Cuban revolution
  11. The art of Spanish cuisine
  12. Spanish cities and their influence in the art world
  13. The Latin-American-Indian dances and Spanish influence
  14. Women as portrayed in Spanish literature
  15. Women writers in Spanish literature

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