The 10 Best Topics for Your Human Resource Management Term Paper

With only a few weeks away from a due date, students need to start writing their essays. In human resource management, there are a number of different topics that will make an interesting term paper. As soon as students are aware of the topic that they want to research, they should begin working on their paper. By starting early, students will have extra time to edit and proofread the document.

Top Ten Ideas

  1. Are performance appraisals an effective way to get employees to achieve more? Do these appraisals or reviews actually motivate employee performance?
  2. Recent studies by behavioral economists have shown that a good boss is a more effective way to boost employee retention than raises. What are some of the best techniques to keep employees around? Use recent research in the field to support this thesis.
  3. What are some of the ways that human resource managers can build strong teams? What are the most cost-effective techniques?
  4. Bad managers can cause employees to quit or become demoralized. What are some ways to retrain a bad boss? Are there alternatives to firing or demoting them?
  5. What are some techniques to improve employee morale? How does a negative morale impact employee performance?
  6. What do good managers do differently from bad managers? Do they always follow the rules and conventional wisdom about management?
  7. What has caused the role of unions to decline in human resource management?
  8. What are techniques for demonstrating respect at work? How can human resource managers create an environment of mutual respect?
  9. According to research, companies that have employees who understand the mission and vision of the company have higher returns than their peers. How can organizations ensure that every employee takes part in the general vision and mission statement of the company?
  10. Is it possible for a corporation to maintain their company culture when they outsource a significant portion of the workforce?

Completing the Essay

Once the student has selected a topic, they need to research it thoroughly. Any notes should be separated according to their sources. To save time later on, students should make sure that they have written out the page number and bibliography information for each quote. As the student prepares to write the paper, they should create an outline. This allows the student to develop a logical argument. After each topic sentence, students should write down two pieces of information that support the sentence. Before writing the paper, students may also want to complete the introduction and conclusion. This will allow the student to clearly see the direction that their writing will take.

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