What To Know About The Economics Research Paper Structure

To write an analyzing paper on Economics, you need to have an ability to motivate your questions with an economic logic. You should possess that capacity to analyze the past history of the topic and present it in the point of view of the Economics. Particularly, it is important that your paper should demonstrate your knowledgeable and analytic nature. Economists have a unique style of writing, and if you want your paper to get in the attention of the other economists, then you should follow the writing style. To write a good informative paper, you need to follow a certain structure to make your paper more readable. The Economics research paper can be of two types, i.e. theoretical and empirical. Both the types have some certain steps for presentation.

  1. Theoretical essay:

  2. This type of essay is written usually when the data are difficult to obtain.

  3. Give an introduction to your work. Clear the main objective of the essay and give an idea of your whole planned work. Readers should get an idea of what you will be writing in your project further.

  4. Don’t exceed the page limit of maximum 2 pages to write your introduction. It should be written briefly subjective.

  5. Add reasonable assumptions of the data which you have collected for your work. Your assumptions should possess good convincing points to prove your evidences.

  6. Give some reviews of the past history of the topic. Literature reviews always help to illustrate your point of view clearly to the readers. Try to add some references.

  7. Keep in mind that your main motive is to contribute your writing in the field of Economics.

  8. At the end, write a conclusion to your work mentioning the outcome of your analysis.

  9. Empirical essay:

  10. This type of essay is written with ample amount of available data.

  11. This paper uses the collected data to identify the main motive of the research paper. It is collected through experiments, observation and surveying about the matter.

  12. You may divide your work into two, i.e. observation and experiments to different parts of the essay.

  13. Observational research included the observation made in the past and in the present situation. Try to draw a conclusion to each of your cognizance.

  14. Experimental papers employ a variety of data interpretations.

  15. Add a proper data analysis with appropriate diagrams.

  16. Give a conclusion explaining the results you have found in your analyzing work.

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