How to Write an A+ Term Paper: Use the Library

When you have access to a large library the number of places you can find information is phenomenal! It may feel like you are swimming in a pool of great research findings. If this seems overwhelming to you, keep reading.

This article will give you some steps to follow so you can sift through the information and find what will be the most relevant to use for your term paper.

  1. Understand your topic. You can’t find detailed information about something you don’t fully comprehend. Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are still good reference material. They can be used at the library in book form or you can access them online from the library’s computer system. If you are unsure about anything, as your instructor for some clarity before you get too far into the assignment.
  2. Limit or focus your topic. When it’s too broad, you will have loads too much information to possibly absorb. If it’s too narrow, you won’t find enough. The topic could be broken into more manageable chunks and used as subtopics. For each subtopic, do some brainstorming. What is known about it? What needs to be discovered about it?
  3. Conduct your research. Determine which type of information will suit you best for your type of term paper. Do you need mostly a literature review? Do you need to find supporting data? Do you need some examples or case studies?
  4. As you are reading and looking for information, take some detailed notes. Make sure you reference your notes so you can easily find the original source again. If you end up using these notes in your term paper, you will need to cite them properly and include the reference in your reference list.
  5. Check with the reference librarian for some guides to writing your term paper. These may come in handy if you get stuck and aren’t sure what step to do next.
  6. Some of the reference types you may find while searching are subject guides, handbooks, news articles, scholarly journal articles, books, magazines, reference books and more. Check your style guide (for example, APA or MLA) for the proper format of referencing each of the types of sources you will use.

After you have completed a thorough search in the library and taken detailed notes, the writing of your A+ paper should flow very smoothly.

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