Writing An APA Research Paper: Dealing With The Abstract

The APA style (American Psychologist Association) is commonly used to organize academic papers that are written in the area of social studies. There are specialized manuals that explain basic guidelines of the APA style. If you need it for your research paper, proper organization and formatting of citations, footnotes, and bibliography and reference page, you can use those manuals.

The APA style doesn’t mean anything extraordinary. Let’s see what it is related to the abstract page of your research paper, one of the pages that cause problems for students.

Demands to Abstract Pages in Accordance to APA Style

Your research paper should be printed with double spacing on standard paper sheets (8,5"x11"). Margins on all sides should make 1". Use a clear, easily readable type, as APA recommends, it can be Times New Roman, 12pt.

In accordance to the APA style, your abstract page should begin on a new sheet. In the center of the top part of the page, there should be a page heading and below it the word “Annotation”. The font is regular; no bold, italics, underlining or quotation marks are used.

The next line should begin a short resume of the main points of your project. It is supposed to involve your topic, main problems of the research, methods, results and analysis of your work, and your conclusions. Besides that, you can speak a little about the influence of this research on your further work, and the way the conclusions have influenced your desire to keep on working over the same problems. The average size of this part is about 150 and 250 words.

Another good idea for your abstract page is to list keywords of your project in this page. Give them a separate paragraph after a space, enter keywords (italics), and then list the words. This step will help other researchers easily find your project in databases.

Where to Seek Samples

It happens that APA manuals don’t work for all students equally well. You may need a sample of an abstract page that matches this style and is proofread. You can do some searching in the following places:

  1. Libraries.
  2. They can provide you with a huge database of high-quality research projects with all their parts.

  3. Online databases.
  4. These ones contain digitized research projects of other students that you can use either for free or for a certain fee.

  5. Websites of professional writers.
  6. You should feel free to use free samples of their works as high-quality examples of the APA style and proper organization of your own research paper.

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