A List Of Original Psychopharmacology Term Paper Topics

Psychopharmacology is defined as the study of drugs and their relationship with the mind and behavior. The various areas within Psychopharmacology include the following:

Here is a list of excellent Psychopharmacology term paper topics:

  1. Suicide and commonly prescribed psychotropics: what is the link between intake of Zoloft and the incidence of suicide?
  2. Stimulants for treatment of children: What are the child disorders for which stimulants are commonly used? Explore the reasons why.
  3. Steroid Abuse: A study of the harmful psychological effects of usage of steroid by endurance athletes.
  4. Anxiety disorders: The role of Psychopharmacology in the treatment of anxiety related disorders.
  5. Bipolar Disorder: A study of the role of mood stabilizers in the treatment of bipolar disorders in children.
  6. Bipolar disorder: A study of the role of anti-psychotics in the treatment of bipolar disorder in adults.
  7. Combat related PTSD: The role of drugs in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from combat environments.
  8. Preventative Medicinal Intake: the psychological effects in children of taking preventative medicine such as insulin for diabetes.
  9. Heroin addition: the use of drugs to treat a drug addiction. The story of Methadone.
  10. Opioid Addiction: the benefits and failures of opioid agonists.
  11. Opioid Addiction: the uses and benefits of partial opioid agonists such as Buprenorphine.
  12. The effects of an opioid antagonist such as Naltrexone in the treatment of drug addiction: A description of the chemistry of an antagonist.
  13. Pain relief from Over the Counter medicine such as Aspirin: Is there are psychological component?
  14. Heroin Addiction: what are the psychological effects of long term withdrawal without the use of withdrawal aids such as medications?
  15. The ethics of forced treatment: what are the psychological effects of drug treatments forced on prisoners?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of topics you can write on. A good idea is to make up your mind about a particular subject area and then brainstorm with your supervisor. Acemypaper.com is here to help you with that.You will soon come up with a topic you will love to write about!

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