How to Create a Term Paper: Literary Research 

Students in today’s world need to develop the technical writing skills necessary to write a term paper and become an accomplished writer. All students will have the opportunity to write term papers in their high school and college academic careers. These should prepare a student to be able to express thoughts on complex subjects to the world. Significantly developing the writing skills of a student should be one of the goals of the term paper process, but if you need to know how to create a term paper, here are some easy guidelines to follow for proper literary research.

The writing process will begin with the development of a proper thesis statement. This is the idea that is going to guide all of the research activity and the writing of everything else. Writing a good thesis is difficult because it needs to warrant a significant paper but be limited enough for a student to be able to come up with a reasonable theory about the subject. This will appear in your paper in the introduction.

Collecting a large number of relevant sources is not going to be easy for students. It needs to be a process where books re looked for by topic and the works found is going to provide relevant information about the subject. Many faculty members are going to have a significant selection of books in mind when it comes to writing a paper about a particular subject. This list should keep a student’s literary research moving in a positive direction.

When a student uses a book to add to their paper it is vital that the book is included in the bibliography and properly cited when used. This will help to avoid being caught for plagiarism. This should be a common practice but is sometimes forgotten by some younger writers because of time or other factors. All facts, quotes and thoughts of others need to be cited in the format that the paper is written in.

Of course the internet is going to be a place to really contribute to your literary research. The simplicity of the internet has allowed each person to have a whole world of information available to them. There are two significant challenges that each researcher needs to face. First there is going to be the challenge of the credibility of the information found. All sources need to be checked and rechecked to make sure that their information is legitimate. Secondly there are so many results that it can be difficult to find the sources that are going to be the most appropriate.

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