Good American history research paper topics: 10 main events to research

If you are writing an American history research paper there are many great topics from which to choose.

Consider this excerpt below as an example of a history research paper topic:

Explain the importance of leadership in a constitutional republic.

The right leader is essential for any government. For a leader to be effective, he or she must show the right qualities. These qualities differentiate an effective leader from a poor leader, a tyrant from someone better. The qualities of an effective leader include having a high level of empathy. Empathy is required so that the leader can see things from others’ points of view—putting him or herself in their shoes, as it were. An effective leader should also be determined and resolved to follow through on his or her vision regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way. Another quality of an effective leader is the ability to detach one’s self from the moment and look at the situation critically, without the influence of strong emotion. Calmness and certainty should mark a leader. Communication is another vital characteristic of an effective leader. Without the ability to communicate with a wide range of people, that leader will not succeed. Finally, an effective leader must be able to locate the resources required for his or her government and nation. This does not necessarily require an intimate knowledge of the resources required, but rather, knowledge of where to find more information or connections to those who know more.

Andrew Carnegie, the father of the U.S. steel industry, had enormous interest in helping others with education, as well as with philanthropic giving, plus he was a successful businessman. Thurgood Marshall was the first African American on the U.S. Supreme Court, and he was also the lawyer who won Brown v. Board of Education. Marshall earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously. Billy Graham is a powerful spiritual leader and has been the spiritual advisor for twelve presidents, including Barack Obama. His lifetime audience has surpassed 2.2 billion people. Barry Goldwater served five terms in the Senate, representing Arizona, and was instrumental in forcing the resignation of President Nixon. Sandra Day O’Connor was the first female member of the Supreme Court and a very influential leader in the U.S. She was voted the most powerful woman in America several times and was immensely influential in many areas. Hillary Clinton is known for her time as first lady under President Bill Clinton but has also risen to high political rank on her own as a New York senator, as well as being named secretary of state for President Barack Obama.

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