How to Organize a Mathematics Term Paper

When assigned a math research paper to write, it is not only your writing skills that will be instrumental in creating the perfect paper but your ability to organize your paper will contribute to accomplishing your feat. Before beginning to actually write your content the student should find themselves a resource that they can confidently refer to should they have questions that arise during the course of writing your piece.

The Process

The first step along this writing journey is to choose the topic or problem that will be the focus of your paper. You should then give ample time to study the assignment you have been given paying particular attention to the designated requirements such as number of pages, formatting, layout, style guide and anything else that your professor has included in your instructions. Begin by conducting extensive research on your topic or math problem making unlimited notations that will be useful throughout the entire process. You may find that the use of journals for tracking and maintaining your notes is remarkably helpful when it comes time to compose the actual paper. When notating has been completed it will then be time to draft your outline which will serve to be resourceful as well.

In order to properly write the paper you have to organize both your thoughts and the sequence in which your data must be presented in order to flow smoothly and allow your audience to absorb its content and appreciate your argument and/or ideas. A math paper is much different than a typical term paper in that it consists of several different zones. You need to generate all the information you are trying to present in proper sequence in order to create easy to follow content. All tiers of the document need to be clearly organized and expressed in order to successfully engage your reader and keep them involved from start to finish. The chronological order of your math paper should follow as such: begin with a very brief but concise abstract, follow with a definitive introduction, continue with a thorough definition of your problem or situation, followed by the body of your paper emphasizing your research, results, and examples of your works and finally ending with your conclusion wherein you are sharing closing thoughts, ideas and questions and more or less summarizing the entire content of the written text.

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